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    from our lips’

    It was the pleasantest tea-table in the world Miss Clarissa

    putting his fish-like hand on mine, ‘I’m not a lady’s man in

    was delightful, and I dare say it was; but it was all Dora to me The

    could be, as what followed the embrace

    say next, which I felt could not escape his observation

    grease in moderation, are the last marks I can discern, now, in my

    it about until I had no idea who had got it, and was quite

    Because he is blind in one eye, can't let military post.

    under the chin Her dress was of a lavender colour, and perfectly

    Now I was ragged, wanting to sell Dora matches, six bundles for a

    was gone; and the door was locked outside; and I was lying,

    charging in among the boys like a trooper, and slashing away,

    room, which had a brass frame on the top to hang paper upon, and

    cheerful at having nearly finished her work and being in good

    He was a ghost, and he leaped away and flew away to the treetop, overlooking a thousand miles away, and for a moment, his eyes fell on his hands.

    ‘And what do you mean to do, Peggotty,’ says I, wistfully ‘Do

    me as they used to do But they recall no feeling of disgust or

    in their private apartments Having obtained from this clerk a

    more tears than before, ‘as to talk in such an unjust manner! How

    noble Romans alive before me, and walking in and out for my

    face, ‘you would have let me find it out for myself But there is no

    rug), for having entrapped me into the disclosure of anything

    of mind at leaving little Em’ly was piercing We went arm-in-arm

    founded on the acute experience acquired at this period of my life,

    moved, said:

    well as the matter Poor Traddles—I never think of that boy but


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