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    I said: ‘Yes’

    the sight of you I am happy, all day long, in the thoughts of you’

    the loss I had sustained, the tears stood in her eyes, and she

    Traddles is not at all wanted, but is in attendance as my general

    companions—that I am in danger of wearying the reader whom I

    ‘With no one else?’ inquires Miss Larkins

    which is a disagreeable remembrance and makes the sight of him

    ‘My dear,’ said my aunt, after taking a spoonful of it; ‘it’s a great

    why) is the weakness of having gone to sleep in a coach

    Copperfield, that you haven’t liked me quite as I have liked you

    voice up in the air, that was rising away

    Jip was there, and Jip would bark at me again When I

    fear, and remorse—all this appears to have gone round and round

    ‘Oh yes,’ I replied ‘I know him well’

    looked round it, and there, to my amazement, were Mr Peggotty

    own hands, I awaited the result with composure

    steal over her face from the moment of my entrance If Mr

    full-sized woman,’ said the little creature, touching me appealingly

    dropped—as a man frequently does on these occasions—and from

    even now I could wish myself to have been But I am afraid I had a

    happy and useful’

    theer, and how he got her to listen to him fust, along o’ sech like

    ‘How kind he puts it!’ said Uriah, shaking his head

    I did not quite understand what old one Mrs Gummidge was

    sometimes I thought you were pleased, once, with my being a

    would have as much need to live, if she was the bitterest and


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