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    japanese versine教师

    called my mother; and there they were to rest

    accustomed to call me, of late, ‘has a heart to feel for the distresses

    give another name, first?’

    ‘Have the goodness to show Mr Copperfield,’ said Mr Spenlow,

    amazed me He was more unlike himself than I could have

    ‘Dog?’ he says ‘What dog?’

    something the matter with her spine?’

    considered my own worldly position When I explained it to you,

    ‘Very sad, is it not?’ returned Traddles ‘But in a merely

    interposing began:

    in his head—he had naturally a short throat, and I do seriously

    sensation of first lying down, without a roof above my head!

    ‘I am glad of that, at least,’ said I

    Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

    happy dream I waltz with the eldest Miss Larkins once again She

    This, indeed, he might easily have been if he had been less

    seeing her beneath the parental roof, she had attracted his

    known no comb or brush since I left London My face, neck, and

    perhaps I should be a partner in Mr Wickfield’s business, and

    lessons of my life have been perverted! I have preyed on my own

    And for someone else besides Davy, my darling, are you listening?


    young gentleman, in the making of herself) addressed herself to

    Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

    immediately lightened, I resisted all persuasion to forego it

    I gave him minute directions for finding the residence of Mr

    them Swiss mountains yonder One as know’d his servant see ’em


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