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    another meeting when he should come back to town He was

    ‘Of course,’ he said ‘You’ll sleep here, while we stay, and I shall

    The night was deep.

    name was Mrs Markleham; but our boys used to call her the Old

    my might and main The inconsistency and recklessness of

    Agnes made the tea, and presided over it; and the time passed

    ‘My dear friend Copperfield,’ said Mr Micawber, ‘accidents will

    My bed at night was under another haystack, where I rested

    would bring Emily at the usual hour I would walk back at my

    innocent; and so you are his friend Well, that’s quite delightful!’

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    ‘Bless the precious boy!’ cried Peggotty, taking hold of me

    did not receive him with that ardour which he might have

    silk handkerchief, which, with his hat perched on the top of it, was

    much lead I would give the world to go to sleep I sit with my eye

    ‘I know, with deep regret, what has brought you here What do

    fiery, that Miss Murdstone, without a word in answer, discreetly

    would find Mr Spenlow much recovered from the shock of Mr

    bachelor you are here!’

    them, as if I were cast away among creatures with whom I had no

    Don't think he didn't know that the big brother was moving the topic on purpose, but he was really smart, but it's hard to show it in the eyes of the big brother.

    As he had no idea of deceiving her, and always desired to please

    resources I am responsible for them to myself, I act upon them,

    struggle between his shame in Uriah’s deportment, and his desire

    David Copperfield

    Master Copperfield, but have much to be thankful for My father’s


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