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    boy with a comforter, and a shabby-genteel man secretly eating

    David Copperfield

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    ‘My love,’ said Mr Micawber, much affected, ‘you will forgive,

    in Buckingham Street in the Adelphi there was to be let furnished,

    good fellow I instantly proposed his health

    mindful of her being fatigued So I thanked her ardently for this

    ‘It does seem a good deal,’ I answered with a smile For it was

    me was on account of Mr Henry Spiker being solicitor to

    remembrance whether it pleased or frightened me My impression

    air than the other; and perhaps had a trifle more frill, or tucker, or

    alone I called out, “Doen’t be afeerd! It’s Dan’l!” and I went in I

    in the world, what a pleasure to see you!’

    ‘The thing hasn’t took quite the turn that might have been

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