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    would have missed its usual flavour, if it had been put there for

    called her by it, because her Christian name was the same as

    to seek her That’s my dooty evermore’

    conceiving that, in becoming a graminivorous animal, I should

    slowly settled down into myself, did I begin to parch, and feel as if


    home, within ten years How they affected my aunt, nobody knew;

    misfortune down, Trot!’

    ‘Thank you, Mr Peggotty,’ said I, giving him my outer coat to

    we sat, lovingly, on our little locker side by side, ‘Lor! wasn’t it

    ‘For the love of goodness, child,’ exclaimed my aunt, ‘don’t call

    were to him! What a launch in life I think it now, on looking back,

    with us now’

    cheerful voice, ‘I have had a very pleasant evening’

    recollect his speaking, at that time, of a pupil younger than himself

    coach, as he sometimes did, you know—’

    As he took me out at the door, my mother ran towards us Miss

    however, he returned, and they sat together, talking, on the sofa

    and boxes and conveniences of that sort, which served for seats


    chord among them with any skill, I should have made a poor hand

    Steerforth only nodded; but with such a pleased expression of


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